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How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost In Singapore In 2018?

If you are wondering how much do piano lessons cost in Singapore, you are at the right place.

Piano lesson fees change yearly. Additionally, students learning different grades will be charged differently. Some teachers also charge more while others charge less.

Many students take piano lessons with the eventually goal to reach grade 8 ABRSM piano proficiency levels. Let us take a look at all of these type of charges and see if learning the piano is a good option for you – financially.

Difference between private vs public

Firstly, private teachers and schools charge slightly different pricing. It is generally speaking, slightly more expensive in schools, because they have to cover overheads such as rental and admin staff salaries.

Rates for every piano grade

Secondly, piano lessons for grades 1 to 4 in Singapore are only 45 minutes in length. It is then 60 minutes in length for grades 5 to 8. It is an estimated $35 per lesson for grade 1. Since lessons are held on a weekly basis, it is estimated $130 to $150 per month for grade 1. Rates then increases by approximately $10-30 per grade per month. Lessons are only weekly regardless of the grades, unless it is nearing your exam time. In some cases, your piano teacher may then up your lesson frequency right before your ABRSM piano exams in Singapore.

Putting the above in table format, here is what we get:

Grade 1 – $140
Grade 2 – $160
Grade 3 – $180
Grade 4 – $200
Grade 5 – $220
Grade 6 – $240
Grade 7 – $260
Grade 8 – $300

You want to factor in inflation and increased prices over time

Thirdly, you want to take note that the above mentioned rates are generally applicable for piano lessons in 2018. It will usually increase by approximately $10-20 per month every 1-3 years in Singapore. This is standard across all piano teachers in Singapore. While there is no formal regulatory board regulating these prices, teachers generally raise prices over time due to inflation. Please keep that in mind before signing up for any lessons.

Exam books will need to be paid for

Examination books and practice books will need to be purchased by the student. However, in most cases, the teacher purchases it and you reimburse the teacher for the cost of the books. It is usually relatively cheap per book at less than $20.

Piano examinations cost money too!

Examinations cost money to go for. For example, a grade 1 ABRSM piano exams cost $185 to register for it. This increases for higher grades up till a whopping $500 for grade 8 practical piano ABRSM exams. This is another cost that many students may have left out when calculating their finances.

Purchasing a piano can be costly, be it first or second hand

Finally, a big upfront cost is purchasing that piano. You will need to purchase a piano if you want to be serious about mastering it. Practice is key to piano success and being a great pianist. Whether it be a first hand or second hand piano, it costs at least $4000 to 5000 for a piano in Singapore.

If after reading all of the above, and you feel that learning the piano is the right decision, then head on over to and get the best private piano teachers in Singapore for your lessons!

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