Being A Music Teacher In Singapore – Pros And Cons

Here are some of the common and also less well known pros and cons of being a music teacher in Singapore.

Pros of being a piano teacher:

Firstly, you get to set your own schedule. If you are a private music tutor in Singapore, then you are essentially and truly self employed. You are responsible for finding students, teaching them and collecting the cash e.t.c. You also pick the class timings and liaise with the students or their parents for that. If you dislike morning lessons, and partly want to be self employed to get rid of 9-6pm, then schedule afternoon and evening lessons only. If you prefer working in the morning, then schedule morning classes! Of course, you also need to be reasonable as some students are free only at night while others in the morning. You need to adjust accordingly and be flexible. Essentially, you have full control over your schedule as a music teacher in Singapore.

Secondly, you have no boss. Of course, if you only have one student, then that is your boss. However, if you have 30 students, you are truly running a business where you are the boss. If you are the type of person who cannot work for someone else, regardless of who it is, then being a music teacher in Singapore is probably a great option for you. Work takes up a huge portion of our lives. Therefore, doing something that you love is beneficial for your mental health and wallet size too!

Thirdly, if you are intending to be a piano teacher, chances are, you like playing the piano and like most things related to the musical instrument. Therefore, if you become a piano tutor, you are making a career out of what you love. There is no longer any need to drag yourself out of bed to go to work. You literally wake yourself up to get to work earlier!

Cons of being a music teacher in Singapore:

One of the biggest cons as a music tutor is that if you do not know how to get students, you will not make it. As a self employed tutor, you will need to know how to get students, keep students, and get new students continuously. You become a one man or woman marketing and sales team. You cannot survive if you only know how to teach music but not the business side of this. Getting students is key to your success as a self employed person. You will need to learn the skill of selling and knowing how to get sales. Attaching yourself to a piano teacher agency such as is usually one of the common ways that many local tutors are using to get additional students on autopilot.

The second biggest con is that is takes time for you to become full time. I strongly recommend that you start getting students while you are still a student or are still being provided with allowance by your parents. This is because it takes time for you to go from $0 to a full time income. It is not difficult, but it can be mentally scary to not have a safety net. I strongly do not recommend you get a job and then try to do this on the side. It is probably too late by then. You will likely be too busy and tired after your day job. You want to get started and start part time while you are still a student or supported by your parents. This way, you can transition into a full time piano tutor the moment you graduate.

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