Tips To Ace Your Piano ABRSM Pieces In Singapore

In my first article, I shared with you how to easily ace your sight reading segment of your ABRSM piano examinations in Singapore.

In this article, I want to share with you how to easily ace your piano pieces. Of course, finding the right Singaporean music teacher is key as well, so take your time there.

Firstly, you should pick pieces in the ABRSM exams which inspires you. Do not pick one which you think may be the easiest but completely does not inspire you. This is because expressiveness, musical shaping and vivid character are key marking criterias in the ABRSM piano examinations. This is especially the case for higher grade exams.

Secondly, before even practising or starting to play the pieces for the first time, listen to recorded audio tracks of the piece you like the most and truly grasp the feel for the soul of the song first. Then, from then on, you play the piece. You are a musician, not an engineer. It is not about hitting the right notes. Hitting the right notes may get you a distinction at the lower grades, but not at the higher ABRSM piano grades.

Never rush the practice sessions, especially in the beginning. You want to make sure that your muscle memory is right. In fact, it is recommended to play the song way too slowly, initially, so that you can get the muscle memory right. After that, you then want to increase the pace of the song, but never ever at the expense of the right style of playing as well as hitting of the right notes.

If you want more tips, then check out the following video.

Sight Reading Tips For Piano ABRSM Exams

If you are a beginner piano student in Singapore, you are probably finding a lot of issues when it comes to your ABRSM sight reading. This is because many Singaporean students are actually perfectionists. While being a perfectionist is good, it is not if it will cause you to repeat notes, trying to hit notes accurately at the expense of losing the rhythm e.t.c.

If you want more tips on sight reading from a piano teacher who also happens to be a professional ABRSM piano grader, then watch the following video. Make sure to get a good music teacher from an agency like SGlearnpiano if you want to progress faster and access the higher grades quickly by acing your ABRSM piano examinations in Singapore.