Discusssing Piano Teachers’ Salaries In Singapore – Worth It Or Not?

How much salary can a piano teacher in Singapore make? While there are lots of variables, here is a quick look and see if it is worth it for you to be one.

First of all, there are basically two types of piano teachers in Singapore. The first type would be those working under a music school such as Yamaha or Cristofori. These are fixed salary employees working for a company. On the other hand, there are private home piano tutors in Singapore who work for themselves. They are sometimes attached to a piano teacher agency in Singapore, but they are essentially self employed tutors. With that said, let us break down each of them.

The average piano tutor working for a music school in Singapore generally are paid (before deducting for CPF) $1800 to $2800. Most of them fall around the $2300 to $2700 range. This is pretty standard and does not change much regardless of the school you work for as a salaried employee. You get leave and all but you need to apply for them still.

On the other hand, a private home piano tutor can be making next to nothing all the way up to 2, 3 or even 4 times that of school tutors. It really depends on your ability to teach, your willingness to work as well as your ability to get students and referrals. A grade 1 student pays approximately $130 per month, while a grade 8 student pays approximately $280 per month. Taking an average of $200 per month, just 20 students (e.g. 4 students a day for a 5 working days week) will make you $4000 per month. This is a conservative estimate! If you work more or get more students, you can make up to $6000 to $7000 per month! You can easily buy an executive condominium with your spouse in that case with leftover for perhaps even a second hand car!