How To Find A Singapore Social Escort Legally In Singapore?

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If you want to know how and where to find a Singapore social escort legally, then you are at the perfect place.

If you are in the market to just simply buy the girlfriend experience – through a social escort, instead, then read the following. Since booking of escort services and the legal landscape for them are different in every country, I have decided to write this post to help out those who are looking for a social escort in Singapore.

For the first time client, you may either be overwhelmed by the choices, or have no idea where to even go look for escorts. Here are some tips which are heavily geared towards the first time escort client in Singapore.

We will first discuss about the places where you can look for them, and potentially any special notes that you should ideally know before engaging their services.girl final

We will then talk more about the general legal landscape surrounding this industry in Singapore so that you do not get into any unnecessary troubles in case the laws in Singapore are different from that of your home country if you are a foreigner or simply unaware of the laws in Singapore.

Where can you find Singapore escorts?

In certain cities, there are rows of offices where you can walk in to look for escort services, and the manager there will be able to assist you in finding you a suitable girl. However, that is definitely not recommended in Singapore. There are no such thing as physical offices being rented for escort services, largely due to the lack of need for that, as well as the entire thing being seen as taboo in Singapore.

Therefore, locally, you can find escorts in Singapore online.

With high speed wifi throughout Singapore, as well as mobile connectivity, it is easy to browse for them. However, you are strongly recommended to use your mobile connection wherever possible, as some public wifi such as those at shopping centres may block certain sites. If you are at your hotel residence already, then most of their wifi are better, and do not censor. Otherwise, simply using your mobile connection to the Internet is the best option.

Registered escort agencies in Singapore

You can look for them through a registered agency. A registered agency is basically an entity or a company which has been legally registered and licenced to operate as an escort agency in Singapore. In reality, there are only a few of these, in fact, numbering less than a handful. Most of these companies would definitely proudly display their business registration numbers on their website as their licence to operate legally in the country. Make sure to look for this. If you are wondering why it is so important to only go for registered companies, check out this post.

So where do you go if you want a local escort agency? Just a quick Google search for ‘Singapore escort’ on the Internet will be able to yield such results for you. If you want a local Singaporean escort, going with a local registered agency will yield the best results for you.

Freelance escorts in Singapore

If you want foreign independent escorts, commonly referred to as freelance girls in Singapore, they can also be found online. Almost all of the foreign escorts in SG work as freelancers, part of the reason for this is because registered agencies are not allowed to hire foreign girls due to the local government laws.

These freelance escorts advertise their services on classified ad sites as well as escort directory sites. One of the bad things about these girls is that many of them are either no longer active, or not even in Singapore anymore!

The legal landscape in Singapore

Just like any other country, there are things governing the legal landscape surrounding the escorts industry in Singapore.

First of all, all the girls need to be aged 18 and above in order for you to engage their services. If you hire one from a legally registered agency with the government, chances are, you will be safe. If you are dealing with an independent, then make sure to check her age first. It is the minimum age requirements for dating services of any kind in Singapore, including escorts.

Second of all, no agency or website is allowed to solicit prostitution or anything of that sort from you. That is strictly illegal in the country, and if a website or an agency does that, it is clearly violating the laws. To avoid unnecessary police sting operations when you are with the girl, avoid these agencies at any cost if your privacy is of any importance at all to you.


Third of all, that also applies to you as the client. Therefore, please do not violate any local laws if you are intending to look for an escort girl. Do not do dumb things like messaging an agency and then trying to solicit prostitution from the agency. Those are strictly illegal things in Singapore, and works both ways – for the agency or website as well as you!

Fourth of all, foreigners are actually not allowed to work in Singapore. As long as their nationalities are not that of a SG citizen or a permanent residents, no one can technically work in Singapore as an escort, as the country is known to be conservative and never issuing such work permits and licences to individuals. Therefore, if you wish to still go ahead with a foreigner in Singapore, then you should proceed ahead at your own risk.

Special notes that you should note as a first time escort client in Singapore?

Singapore MBS

Singapore may be a beautiful city, and has lots of pretty girls and genuine female companions for you to meet while you are in the country. However, there are definitely legal dos and don’ts. So make sure to follow the laws while you are here, so you can enjoy your escort girlfriend experience in Singapore without any unnecessary problems!

How To Find A Singapore Social Escort Legally In Singapore?

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