Are Matchmakers And Dating Agencies Still Useful Now In Singapore?

In this modern age of the Internet, and multiple dating mobile applications, are matchmakers and dating agencies still useful and applicable? Or are they an outdated concept? While there are differing opinions on this topic, we believe they are still useful and here are some reasons why.

They help you find other like minded, and marriage minded people. People get onto mobile dating applications for all kinds of reasons. Some of them are on such mobile applications to get attached. Some get onto such apps to find sexual partners. Some use them purely to look for friends. There are even some who use it for insurance business prospecting! With so many people using such apps for so many different reasons, it can be very difficult for you to use the application properly with desired results if your goal is to meet marriage minded people. However, with a matchmaking and dating agency, they can help you achieve this.

However, you may want to note that not all dating agencies are matchmakers and provide matchmaking services too. There are actually a lot of dating agencies in Singapore which are basically events company. They hold events so that singles can mingle at those events. If you were to compare mobile applications with such events, I would say that if the price is cheap, you can go for those events. Otherwise, mobile applications are relatively better. Otherwise, opt for the full service matchmakers in Singapore instead. If you want such a full service matchmaker, then here’s one you can contact.

Are you a very busy individual and do not have much time for social activities? Are your social friend circles shrinking as you get older? If so, then dating agencies will do you a lot of good as they can help you find qualified people and potential dates easily. However, if you are very free, have lots of time on your hands and love hanging out at social activities, then dating by yourself is probably the cheaper and more sensible option.

As you can tell, matchmakers and dating agencies in Singapore still hold their weight and it looks like it is unlikely to change any other way. However, the determining factors are based on you and your current lifestyle and preferences.

Social Escorts Versus Sugar Babies – Which Is Better?

Always wanted to know the difference between and whether an escort from a Singapore agency like Madam Wong or a sugar baby is a better dating option for you in Singapore?

Let us look at some of the following factors which you may want to take into consideration.

Financial commitment

The amount of financial commitment is different for social escorts and sugar babies.

Social escorts are pay per meet

This means that you pay them every time you meet them. For instance, if you a foreigner, this is particularly useful for you. You only pay whenever you are in Singapore and choose to meet a social escort. Otherwise, you pay nothing. Over the long term, this is the sensible solution to have no strings attached relationships easily.

Sugar babies are almost always monthly allowance based

While there are Singapore sugar babies who may agree to non monthly financial agreements, they are usually the exceptions.

Most SG sugar babies only agree to enter a no strings attached relationship with you if they were to receive a fixed sum per month.

Effort to get

Hiring a social escort and meeting a sugar baby can take vastly different amounts of effort to do.

Escorts can be relatively hassle free if you use a trusted agency over and over again

If you keep changing agencies, it is going to be tough. However, if you stick to a trusted agency in Singapore every time, you will be able to enjoy the services quickly. You will be able to be attended to very quickly and provided with your chosen escorts shortly.

Sugar babies usually need more time due to need to chat them up well before coming to a first date meeting

It usually takes a lot more time and effort to meet a sugar baby. This is because you will need to find them on an online platform, chat them up, pique their interest before successfully asking them out.

Emotional and time commitment

There is a differing amount of emotional and time commitment when it comes to hiring a social escort versus meeting a sugar baby.

Escorts are the ultimate no strings attached relationship

If you want something that is truly no strings attached in every sense, then there is no argument here. Escorts are your best dating option in Singapore.

Sugar babies can be too, however they usually are more attached as you need to liaise with the end person individually yourself

While some sugar babies are very professional, a larger than desirable portion of them may be looking for longer term relationships as well. Even if they are transactional and financial in nature, they are usually looking for something longer term. This can make it less of a no strings attached relationship, and more like a regular one.

Pick Up And Dating Tips From Singaporean Girls For Men

Best pick up tips by SG girls for SG men

Here are some of the best pick up tips for Singaporean men by Singaporean girls! If you are busy or lazy to pick up girls, then maybe you can just contact a local matchmaker instead such as TRUE Matchmaking or SDN.

Otherwise, what better way to learn how to date girls than from themselves?

  1. Be funny

    Now, forcing funny jokes into every conversation can be really tiring. And you are bound to eventually run out of jokes too. So how do you be funny in a way that will attract girls, not just make your guy buddies laugh but girl friends puke?

    Be genuine. Do not try to make the girl laugh. Be yourself. However, when it comes to making jokes, do not do it at the expense of anyone else. Girls do not appreciate such humour the same way local guys may.

  2. Talk like a human being – NOT a pick up artist!

    Yes. Pick up lines only work if they are so lame that they become funny. Which ties back to point 1. However, other than that, you should definitely always introduce yourself normally and not try to be cool, because you will definitely fail unless you are extremely experienced.

  3. Look presentable and decent

    Unlike what most people think, many girls react very well to guys who dress presentably and look clean. Most guys who complain about girls being superficial dress like a 50 year old uncle when trying to pick up chicks. Be reasonable. Wear a nice shirt or polo tee at least with pants and a nice pair of covered shoes when you are trying to pick up a girl. If you dress like a 50 year old Kopitiam uncle, guess what’s going to happen? The girl you approach will likely give you the same reaction as she would give the 50 year old Kopitiam uncle!

  4. Wear fitted clothes

    This ties in with the above point. So many Singaporean men who flop at dating girls fail to wear fitted clothes. They wear baggy clothes 2 sizes too big. Do not wear tight clothes, however make sure they are well fitted to your body… especially your arms area! Girls look at arms like guys look at legs!

  5. Compliment the girl on something she is wearing

    Complimenting the girl you approach on her clothes is a safer choice, and definitely going to catch her attention more than you just complimenting her looks. This is because most pretty girls are already going to receive compliments from Singapore guys on her looks, however, few do so on her outfit… yet she puts in a lot of effort into her outfit! Complimenting that will definitely help you stand out when it comes to dating in Singapore.

Watch the following advice video for more pick up tips in Singapore. If you prefer online dating instead, then check out the 4 best online dating alternatives you have in Singapore.

4 Best Online Dating Options In Singapore (#3 Will Surprise You)

If you are struggling with dating in Singapore, here are some of the best ways you can date in Singapore.

Here are the 4 best online dating options you have in Singapore.

#1: Mobile Dating Apps: Tinder, OkCupid, Paktor

First of all, you have the usual Tinder, OkCupid, Paktor applications or websites. In my opinion as a woman, if you are not exceedingly handsome, or know how to take intriguing photographs of yourself, Tinder and Paktor are definitely not good options for you. The reason for that is because those two are heavily photo based, and there are only a few words on your profile to be written.

I recommend OkCupid if you want to stand a higher chance at dating girls in Singapore. When it comes to OkCupid, there is a segment where you can write what you are looking for, and get matched up to girls who are also looking for that. Also, you have to fill in a personality survey, and you will be able to see whether your values match that of the girls you are looking at on the website in terms of %. This means that the higher the %, the higher the chance the girl will pick you, even if she was not that interested in you based on your picture alone.

OkCupid definitely allows men to leverage their personality more than the other sites, which are heavily photo based.

#2 Sugar Babies: Seeking Arrangement, The Sugar Book

Second of all, if you are richer, older and no desire to get married, you can opt for sugar dating websites. This is a popular option in Singapore, where many rich men live in, both locals and expatriates.

Unfortunately for older men, if you put your real age on ‘normal’ dating websites such as Tinder, you will end up being ignored. This is because most local Singaporean girls will sieve out by age, and only pick those within 10 years older than them. If you are in your 40s, or even in your 50s, and trying to meet girls in their 20s, you are in tough luck with a ‘normal’ dating site.

Therefore, many Singaporean men turn to sugar dating websites such as Seeking Arrangement, where rich men, instead of handsome men are favored. This allows a lot of leverage to fall back onto the hands of not so good looking, but some very wealthy men.

#3 Escorts: SG VIP Services

Similar to #2, social escorts are not just for accompanying you to events. Social escorts are essentially just highly paid girlfriends. They are paid to be your girlfriend for the hour or two or three. A good one will behave as though they are already your girlfriend – also known as the girlfriend experience (GFE) in Singapore. The social escorts from SG VIP Services are good at this if you are wondering.

Keep in mind, escorts are a paid option, and is for those with deep pockets, just like #2. However, the biggest benefit is that it is immediate. For #2, you will still need to chat up the girl, who may or may not be active on the sugar dating websites anymore, as most girls just sign up out of curiosity and never log back in again. When it comes to social escort companions though, you are guaranteed a pretty girl who will behave as though she’s your girlfriend already. While sexual activities are outlawed to be arranged by escort agencies in Singapore, any kind of non sexual activities (up to your imagination) are usually allowed, as long as the escorts are open to it. Hint: The better you pay or tip, the better the service! (for non-sexual activities, or it will fall into prostitution).

Singaporean men like you are attracted to beauty and youth, and Singaporean women are attracted to wealth and power.

#4 Matchmaking: Lunch Actually, Fabrique Love

A very famous matchmaking site, if you are looking for a long term relationship and partner, and simply do not have the time for OkCupid, then I recommend something like Lunch Actually. They will basically find you a perfect long term partner once you give them your full verified details, and your preferences for a partner. As a man, you will likely be required to give them your height, your job, your income as these are very important factors to Singaporean women when it comes to long term partners.

You need not go down to their offices. They have a website and social media presence. You can simply approach them online and arrange everything if you are busy and prefer doing everything online from the comfort of your home.