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Are Matchmakers And Dating Agencies Still Useful Now In Singapore?

In this modern age of the Internet, and multiple dating mobile applications, are matchmakers and dating agencies still useful and applicable? Or are they an outdated concept? While there are differing opinions on this topic, we believe they are still useful and here are some reasons why.

They help you find other like minded, and marriage minded people. People get onto mobile dating applications for all kinds of reasons. Some of them are on such mobile applications to get attached. Some get onto such apps to find sexual partners. Some use them purely to look for friends. There are even some who use it for insurance business prospecting! With so many people using such apps for so many different reasons, it can be very difficult for you to use the application properly with desired results if your goal is to meet marriage minded people. However, with a matchmaking and dating agency, they can help you achieve this.

However, you may want to note that not all dating agencies are matchmakers and provide matchmaking services too. There are actually a lot of dating agencies in Singapore which are basically events company. They hold events so that singles can mingle at those events. If you were to compare mobile applications with such events, I would say that if the price is cheap, you can go for those events. Otherwise, mobile applications are relatively better. Otherwise, opt for the full service matchmakers in Singapore instead.

Are you a very busy individual and do not have much time for social activities? Are your social friend circles shrinking as you get older? If so, then dating agencies will do you a lot of good as they can help you find qualified people and potential dates easily. However, if you are very free, have lots of time on your hands and love hanging out at social activities, then dating by yourself is probably the cheaper and more sensible option.

As you can tell, matchmakers and dating agencies in Singapore still hold their weight and it looks like it is unlikely to change any other way. However, the determining factors are based on you and your current lifestyle and preferences.