Pick Up And Dating Tips From Singaporean Girls For Men

Best pick up tips by SG girls for SG men

Here are some of the best pick up tips for Singaporean men by Singaporean girls! If you are busy or lazy to pick up girls, then maybe you can just contact a local matchmaker instead such asĀ SDN.

Otherwise, what better way to learn how to date girls than from themselves?

  1. Be funny

    Now, forcing funny jokes into every conversation can be really tiring. And you are bound to eventually run out of jokes too. So how do you be funny in a way that will attract girls, not just make your guy buddies laugh but girl friends puke?

    Be genuine. Do not try to make the girl laugh. Be yourself. However, when it comes to making jokes, do not do it at the expense of anyone else. Girls do not appreciate such humour the same way local guys may.

  2. Talk like a human being – NOT a pick up artist!

    Yes. Pick up lines only work if they are so lame that they become funny. Which ties back to point 1. However, other than that, you should definitely always introduce yourself normally and not try to be cool, because you will definitely fail unless you are extremely experienced.

  3. Look presentable and decent

    Unlike what most people think, many girls react very well to guys who dress presentably and look clean. Most guys who complain about girls being superficial dress like a 50 year old uncle when trying to pick up chicks. Be reasonable. Wear a nice shirt or polo tee at least with pants and a nice pair of covered shoes when you are trying to pick up a girl. If you dress like a 50 year old Kopitiam uncle, guess what’s going to happen? The girl you approach will likely give you the same reaction as she would give the 50 year old Kopitiam uncle!

  4. Wear fitted clothes

    This ties in with the above point. So many Singaporean men who flop at dating girls fail to wear fitted clothes. They wear baggy clothes 2 sizes too big. Do not wear tight clothes, however make sure they are well fitted to your body… especially your arms area! Girls look at arms like guys look at legs!

  5. Compliment the girl on something she is wearing

    Complimenting the girl you approach on her clothes is a safer choice, and definitely going to catch her attention more than you just complimenting her looks. This is because most pretty girls are already going to receive compliments from Singapore guys on her looks, however, few do so on her outfit… yet she puts in a lot of effort into her outfit! Complimenting that will definitely help you stand out when it comes to dating in Singapore.

Watch the following advice video for more pick up tips in Singapore. If you prefer online dating instead, then check out the 4 best online dating alternatives you have in Singapore.